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Submissive males and psychoanalytic defense mechanisms

What are defense mechanisms?  They are convoluted, twisted ways that the subconscious deals with anxiety, fear, and uncomfortable feelings.  For instance, a man with homosexual leanings that he doesn't care to acknowledge will see a gay man, and proceed to make a big show about how much he hates him, despises him, and wants to beat him up.  He may surmise (incorrectly) that because a gay man chats him up, that said man is "hard for him," a classic example of projection of one's own feelings and motivations onto another.  This situation brings up inner conflict, since on the one hand, the repressed man is experiencing sexual excitement, if not from that specific gay man, but from the IDEA of having gay sex in general, but he doesn't want to acknowledge his own sexuality, since it is uncomfortable.  What he does instead, is to call him a faggot, and give him a few jabs in the ribs, taunting him to fight. Violence, coincidentally, is yet another defense mechanism that the unconscious uses to diffuse subconscious as well as conscious tension.  In this way, he is proving to everyone how un-gay he is, and twisting his own fears and anxieties surrounding his latent homosexual feelings into violence, so that he can profess that he attacked the man because he was immoral or inherently evil, and not because of his own inner turmoil that was awakened upon the entrance of the gay man.  There have been quite a few clinical studies that show that the more homophobic a man is (as measured by quizzes and tests) the more likely he is to experience arousal (as measured by electrodes placed on the genitals, a pretty hot and sexy idea!) when watching gay porn.

In the same way, when an alpha female walks into the room, beta males become very upset and frustrated.  They are biologically hard wired to want her, yet their fears of being rejected, of being inadequate, and their immediate uncomfortable sexual response lead them to call her a slut, a whore, or a dyke, masking their uncomfortable feelings of inadequacy.  They need to prove to everyone how much they hate the alpha, in order to combat their inferiority complexes, their inappropriate and "unmanly" excitement at the idea of being dominated, and their subliminal fears that they could never be man enough for a woman like THAT.  As with the gay porn studies, I'm inferring that the stronger and more vociferous the reaction of the male, the more likely he is to be utterly, irrefutably, smitten with the alpha female.  Of course, one needs to have a little bit of consideration, knowing that alpha females are innately sexy, and their very presence is like the magical touch of Viagra, provoking the survival desire in even the least virile of men.

Females also engage in this type of behavior, due to their subconscious anxiety of the alpha female "stealing her man,"or very commonly, due to jealousy.  Most likely, the alpha isn't interested in the beta male that she's gotten her claws into, since alpha females are notoriously selective with romantic partners, although it's definitely true that many of them have no qualms about using some poor stag for sexual satisfaction, only to leave him smitten and craving more the next morning.

This is my secret to determining who the submissive males are.  The more uncomfortable they are with dominant women, the more amenable they are to all sorts of foul behavior when approached with the right carrot.  The more a woman professes to hate another woman, the more likely she is to secretly wish to emulate her and possess some of her charms and talents.  It is a biologically innate for women to act this way, although they are not conscious of the reasons that they do it.  (FYI- I don't like to hang with beta, self-hating men and women.  It is a chore.  I do, however, like to use them as toys and abuse them for the evening, and then send them home until the next time I get my urge.  My favorite pets are people who love themselves, and can see eye to eye with me.)

In contrast to the perverse, immature responses of violence, projection, and reaction formation, healthy and MATURE responses include using humor to diffuse uncomfortable situations, fueling your fire for positive, healthy responses, and suppressing any unhealthy thoughts.  This usually works for more enlightened individuals, who are able to look inside themselves and understand their own pathology.  For the dumb-fuck losers, sometimes it's necessary to beat the crap outta them.

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