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German Castration Legislation

According to BBC news, the council of Europe has urged Germany to end the practice of allowing voluntary surgical castration for sex offenders.  Human rights activists call the practice inhumane and unnecessarily degrading, and others worry that it might spark a body mod trend like that of prison tattoos and baggy pants among gang bangers in South Los Angeles.  In an independently conducted poll, it was found that German citizens agreed that a castration body mod craze would be a very, very bad thing for German birth rates. They point out that aside from impaired sex drive, other undesirable side effects might include development of countertenor vocal characteristics, in music circles, known as male falsetto, but on the street, known as “queeny fag voice.”
German conservatives cite biblical passages such as  Matthew 5:30, which states:
And if thine right hand causeth thee to stumble, cut it off and casteth it away.  ‘Tis better to loose one of thine members, than for thine whole body to burn in the fires of hell.
Later translations also add:
And if thine tongue causeth thee to stray from thine low carb diet, slice it from thine mouth and casteth it away.  ‘Tis better to remain mute for a lifetime than to indulge in the seventh deadly sin of gluttony.
And if thine eyes causeth thee to watch porn at work, gouge them from thy head and sendeth them to an organ donation center.  ‘Tis better to go blind than to derive perverse pleasure from the carnal delights of Clubonline while at work.
Some informal interviews with German school girls resulted in the following concensus regarding the issue: “Chop it off!”  

Although it is true that those who opt for voluntary castration typically have a very low recidivism rate, liberal Germans argue that that it is highly unlikely that optional castration can ever be “truly free and informed.(BBC, Feb 2012)”

Germany Urged to End Sex Offender Castration. [BBC News] Retrieved from :

Simulated birth for men

This is a cross posting from a kinky discussion group.  A woman mentioned that her boyfriend was interested in developing an insight into the birthing experience.  This was my sarcastic response:

If you want a truly genuine experience, insert an grapefruit in his rectum for a few days, and give him drugs so that he'll retain water. When his ankles are swollen to three or four times their normal size, feed him some castor oil, which will cause violent spasms in his intestinal tract. After he's moaning and rolling around gripping his belly for three or four hours, stick a gloved hand in his ass to see if he's dilating properly. You may then take him in a taxi ride and let him moan and groan in the car until you reach the hospital, where you will strip him naked and put him in a hospital gown, hook him up to an IV, and bring various hospital staff in the room to check on his progress.

The pain will be so intense that he will not know whether he wants to sit up, lie down, or cycle through both positions periodically. Let him know that it's a little too late for a spinal block, and that he'll have to pass the grapefruit naturally, but that you'll bring in a doula to massage his sensitive nether tissues so that they don't tear. Tell him not to worry; the human body was designed by evolution to stretch and to handle stresses like this.  Bring his mom and dad in with the video camera so that they can commemorate the moment for posterity. After he's blue and pink in the face, his eyes are bloodshot from pushing, and he's pooped on the table a few times in front of the hospital staff, a few hours later, he will have passed the grapefruit, and everyone will oooh and ahh over the poop stained grapefruit while it is being cleaned up, and take photos. Put him in a wheelchair and send him up to the hospital bed, where a specialist will probe and squeeze his pectorals to see if he is producing collostrum, while you text all your friends about the arrival of your amazing new grapefruit.

This experience would only mildly approximate the experience of both pregnancy and birth, a situation that modern women experience voluntarily, and which they sometimes submit themselves to multiple times.  This is why it is highly disrespectful for a man to say "we" are pregnant.  A man can only just begin to understand the predicament of pregnancy and birth.


Alpha Facial Characteristics

I ran across this when I was looking for more physical differences between males and females, and looking for more clues to explain my own androgyny. As it turns out, just as there are differences in digit ratios between those on high on testosterone scales and those high on estrogen scales, there are also differences in facial structure. Women have soft, rounder features, round cheeks, fuller lips, and arched brows. Men have more chiseled or angular features, a more prominent brow ridge, a square angled jaw (meaning the part near the ear, not the chin), and a broader bridge of the nose. The following graphic, from the site http// is very illustrative of they types sex differences (please be aware that this site contains nude female images that illustrate weight hip ratio differences.) As it turns out, I have a highly androgynous face, with a sqaure jaw, prominent brow ridge, high "eastern european" cheekbones, and more elongated eyes, along with flatter eyebrows, and a thinner upper lip. I find it very interesting that the results of the gender test, my digit ratio, and my facial characteristics seem to tell a consistent story, that I am highly androgynous. I do not describe myself as "butch" although I often feel like I am more "butch" than many butches. I have numerous feminine features, including a very feminine hips and breasts, and I have never really wanted to be a man; I love being a woman too much.  I prefer the term "alpha female" to describe myself, since it recognizes my femme predilections.

Famous "alpha" faces

Condeleeze Rice

Very Femme Faces

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Lopez
NOTE: I had previously placed Lady Gaga here, but after some time examining many photos, I finally decided that she had more of an androgynous face, although not so much as the women pictured in the top section.

It is interesting to note that studies have shown that people make subconscious decisions about other people's character based on facial characteristics.  Those with more masculine faces are subconsiously seen as more aggressive and less trustworthy, while those with feminine faces are seen as more likeable, more social, and more trustworthy.  There are people who may poo-poo my gut based opinion, but the truth of it is, that deep in the reptilian brain, beta females (and some males) recognize alphas and are subconsciously threatened, or are subconsciously gripped with sexual longing and the desire to throw themselves at the alpha woman's feet.  Unfortunately, many character judgements based upon these sorts of subconscious judgements are highly inaccurate.

Lady G's face

Feminine Beauty info retrieved on March 8, 2012

Masculine Features Seen as Threatening info retrieved on March 8, 2012