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The truth about lesbian dating

If you are a lesbian, then "bisexual" is a dirty word.  Unlike gay men, who just like to fuck, and anything with hot buns and a nice package might be considered for a good time (especially if one is drunk,) lesbians are an entirely different breed altogether.  If you are a man and are bi, then you can be the unattainable ultra-butch straight male fantasy figure.  If you are female and you are bi, you are the traitor, the Bernadette Arnold who, five seasons ago, stole your heart and then dumped you for a man 3 months later.  You're the promiscuous slut who just wants to sleep around, who's interest in women is most likely a transient experimental phase in between relationships with men.  The truth of it is that being a "lesbian" has become so political that it has almost become divorced from sexuality, especially since the ones who don't date bis will continue to lust after straight women and have sexless, co-dependent relationships with other "lesbians." 

So it is that after a lifetime of trying to label myself (and then trying NOT to label myself, and toying with the idea that I'm a gay man in a woman's body), and abandoning ways of being which do not acknowledge the whole of myself, I've decided to eschew any society which conspires to place an entirely different set of limitations on my self expression.  I've found it much more fulfilling to have some fun with a slightly less intellectual bisexual femme, who doesn't feel demeaned by letting me fuck her like a man, and who doesn't mind giving hand jobs to the occasional submissive boy toy.

Advice from Dr. Darcy regarding bi women


More on Mob Mentality

With the Advent of modern social media, like facebook and twitter, have come amazing possibilities for radical social movements, political change, and orchestrated chaos.  This post is more concerned with the sinister side of the possibility for arousing the masses, especially with it's potential for causing havoc, destruction, and crime.  The following video shows a mob of teens entering various locations and openly, irreverently, robbing the store and intimidating the shop clerk.  I keep waiting for someone to yell "april fools!" but it never happens.

video platform video management video solutions video player

What is it about being in a large crowd that suddenly makes it seem "more okay" to do these things?  How is it, that if a couple of your friends are doing something that you don't feel good about, that if you start doing it, it becomes more and more "okay" the longer that you do it?  Is the impulse to "move with the mob" a biological remnant of evolutionary history?  I remember being at a reggae show in Jamaica about 7 years ago, which was mostly locals, and in kind of a rough area of town.  It was standing room only, and I recall one attendant brandishing a switchblade and pacing around, chanting "I'm gonna murder him..."  My Boyfriend and I kept our distance, but we took it to be the effect of the drugs.  Suddenly, the entire crowd started running to my left.  I didn't stop to think about why they were running, I followed my gut instinct and ran in the same direction as everyone else(as fast as I could.)  Nothing that I had experienced at Ozzfest could have prepared me for this!  After three or four incidences of this, we ended up imposing upon our very amicable Jamaican driver, who had generously driven us quite a distance and allowed us to come with him on his day off, to drive us home early.

definition of a sociopath: A person who commits malicious acts or crimes involving deception, who exhibits lack of concern for the safety of others, and has a reduced capacity for feelings of shame or remorse.


Human Justice Throughout the Ages

Humanity has long celebrated itself throughout time as being unique among other earthly beings because it is motivated by love, justice, civility, and other evolved values held in high esteem.  Our modern day society prides itself upon high minded, humanist principles of justice, and after just a few minutes of research, I found evidence of the intrinsic compassion in justice systems throughout millenia, as evidenced by the following, which epitomize the deepest motives innate to humanity:

Mad Dog Morelli 1949 Electric Chair Photo
image credit

The electric chair.   According to information on

The electric chair is a quintessentially American invention. No less a figure than Thomas Edison petitioned for its first use.... Death row inmates in ten states may still choose the electric chair (and in recent years, two prisoners have--in 2004 and 2006, respectively). The prisoner is shaved, strapped to a chair, and fitted with electrodes attached to conductive sponges--one on the head, one on the leg--creating a direct current. The prisoner is then hooded. The executioner pulls a switch, and 2,000 volts race through the prisoner's body as the internal body temperature approaches 140 degrees. If performed correctly, the procedure is supposed to cause immediate unconsciousness followed by near-instantaneous death.The procedure...can burn conscious prisoners alive if performed incorrectly. Horrific accounts of botched electrocutions have essentially made the electric chair ... an option selected by prisoners who fear lethal injection or simply want a more distinctive exit.

According to the BBC, is a form of vigilante mob justice which became favored in the 1980s by South Africans over beating and stoning.  The accused is restrained, while a rubber tire doused in gasoline is pushed down over his neck and shoulders, and then set alight, usually with a large crowd of people jeering and shouting.  It is a highly effective form of causing death, although it is true that occasionally there are cases of mistaken identities.

Neclacing in South Africa - 

Death by 1000 cuts  - read more about it on  Slow slicing involves removing small pieces of flesh, bit by bit, piece by piece, over an extended period of time, with a sharp knife, with the intention of prolonging the torture.  Medication might be administered to prevent the violator from fainting, thereby allowing them to experience the punishment to the fullest.  Executions often drew large crowds, in the same way that drawing and quartering (a similar practice which was popular in the south) did, and very quickly became public entertainment.

photo credit

Photos of a woman killed by this method around the turn of the 20th century

Taring and feathering- Although it was first used during the Crusades of the Middle Ages, this practice was imported to the New World by American Colonialists in the 16th century.  It involves shaving the accused, and pouring boiling hot tar over their flesh, followed by a shower of feathers, which would coat the victim, making them look like a giant muppet.  Tarring and feathering was rarely lethal, but it was certainly a pain in the ass to pick the tar off, and of course, the tar-ee would then be subjected to jeering, laughing, and further beatings while floundering around like a blind chicken.

More on the history of tarring and feathering

 Ring fighting at the Coloseum- It is interesting to note that the Coloseum was one of the foremost "sports" arena of all time.  "Sport" here, means a fight to the death, whether it be by gladiators (who, initially, were slaves trying to earn their freedom, and later on, were willing slaves in it for the glory), or whether it be the lowest of all forms of criminals who were thrown to wild beasts to the delight of tens of thousands of plebeians.  What a delightful and creative method of justice from the behemoth of civilized culture which has given us some of the greatest punitive methods of all time, which included being thrown from the Tarpetian rock, being buried alive, being burned by red hot irons, and the method reserved for some of the most despised criminals: crucifiction. photo credit

The Iron Maiden- the most famous of which is located in Nuremberg, Germany, is a human shaped "cabinet" lined with sharp iron spikes.  The victim would be placed inside, and when the cabinet was closed, the spikes would crush the victims eyes, chest and back, leaving them maimed and bleeding, but alive, so that they might be subject to further torture and interrogation.  Other devices designed for crushing or damaging, and usually confined to use in the basement, include knee splitters, "inquisitional" chairs lined with spikes,  revolving drums, and thumbscrews.  I've been inspired to aquire one to keep in my basement, for those who are especially recalcitrant.

The dunking or "ducking" stool- yet another from the era which has left us a greater legacy of torture devices than all other times in history combined- the middle ages.  This stool was especially and particularly designed for women, including obnoxious and annoying nags who disturbed the public peace (Gawd, I wish I had one of these for my mother,) women who cuckolded their husbands, and alleged witches.  Nags and cuckolders might be tied to a commode for an extended time, and paraded around in public until everyone knew of their wrong-doings, while witches would be dunked while tied to an iron stool lifted by a wooden beam until they repented or died.  In later days, a less cumbersome and more just way of ascertaining guilt would be undertaken by tying the witches right thumb to her left toe, and then fastening a rope around her waist before she was thrown in the water.  If she floated, she was a witch, and would subsequently have to be burned at the stake.  If she drowned, she was innocent.  This must have been a very effective method of ascertaining guilt, since no one was ever found guilty.  Read more about it here and here.

Scaphism- This is one of the most perverse and obscene methods that I have come across.  Leave it to the ancient Persians, those sons of bitches!  It apparently involved forcing the victim to drink large amounts of milk an honey, which would cause them to develop diarrhea.  The accused was then restrained into a canoe, and left there naked to literally rot in their own excrement, while vultures and other scavenging birds would slowly pick away their increasingly lifeless flesh.  Next time you tell someone to eat shit and die, remember the Ancient Persians.

Top ten most gruesome methods of execution of all time, including scaphism

To think, that I have spent a lifetime learning the trade of torture, focusing on consensuality and safety, only to find that no feat that I have accomplished could ever match the perversity, malice, and sociopathic tendencies of some random jack-asses off the street (or the subway). Eat it up you fucking pigs, like the snorting swine that you are.

For your further enjoyment, check out the following google book:
History of Torture Throughout the Ages


Eugenics News

It has recently come to light that thousands of people were sterilized without their consent in North Carolina from the late 20s to the mid 70s. Most of these people were deemed to be mentally retarded by scientific means (gut level reactions and hunches,) had speech impediments, or were rape victims. A state task force has ordered payments of up to 50,000 dollars to surviving victims of this eugenics campaign. What an atrocity!

If you ask me, the eugenics campaign didn't go far enough. The should have included morons in addition to imbeciles, homeless people, schizophrenics, diabetics, cystic fibrotics, autistics and those genetically predisposed to be autistic, and cerebral palsy sufferers. Let's face it, the world population just broke 7 billion a few months ago, and continues to increase with logarhythmic speed. We don't really need retards and other burdens to society at a time when our resources are taxed to the maximum, when unskilled manufacturing jobs are disappearing faster than you can shout "Dimwit!" Be realistic, what could possibly be the survival advantage to the genetics of those who cannot survive without extra-ordinary means, or who pose a danger to themselves or others? And why not sterilize criminals? Why propagate more "bad seed" that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in institutionalized care?

In addition, society will benefit from the removal of genetic liabilities like asthmatics, epileptics, Parkinson's sufferers, and those who are likely to die or be an extreme burden without medication or expensive hospice care. While we're at it, we might as well sterilize people who are too short, too tall, have excessive birthmarks or freckles (and therefore higher likelihoods of skin cancer,) unremitting toe nail fungus, those requiring expensive orthodontics, those with weeping psoriasis, bad habits like nail biting, uni-brow, and red heads *shiver.* It appears that academics and subversive intellectuals are already doing their part to control population by declining to have children, thus effectively removing themselves from the gene pool. This new eugenics campaign will not only stop population growth dead in it's tracks, it will leave us with a small population of healthy, good looking "survivors."
North Carolina Eugenics Task Force story on CNN