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Your blonde Goddess is awaiting your proper submission.  Intelligent, well spoken, yet direct, I am alternately soft and feminine, yet strong and powerful.  My soft voice will lull you into a hypnotic state, a place in which you will submit to anything and everything that I have in store for you.  I consider myself to be  a sensual sadist, and am an artist skilled in playing the human body like a musical instrument.  My intensity builds slowly, rising like the tides, yet I can be as capricious as the wind.  You will experience powerful sensations and a heightened state of desire unlike any other.  I enjoy seeing you wriggle with alternating delight and despair as I scratch, whip, and torture you into a delirious state of submission.  As a lifestyle Domina, I have had ample opportunity to learn the many skills of my craft, and am adept with many of the tools of the trade, including

Floggers, Crops, Paddles, Canes, and single tails, including Bullwhips

Temperature play and tickling

CBT  weights, parachutes, genital bondage,

Electrical stimulations devices, violet wands

Needle play, Fire cupping, Whartonburg wheels,
other medical fetishes

Cross dressing, feminization and transformation,

Fetishes such as foot, leg, pantyhose, shoe, and various clothing, crush.

Role playing, secretary, teacher, boss, queen, nurse, blackmail fantasies, and humiliation, cuckolding, orgasm control, and chastity

Semi Public play (at sanctioned play spaces and parties) and semi public humiliation.
seran wrapped goodie
I am a licensed medical professional in two states, well versed in disease prevention and am extraordinarily clean and careful.  As a lifestylist, I have had ample opportunity to educate myself about safety and prevention of injury within the context of play.  I believe in the motto "safe, sane, and consensual" and honor the use of safewords.  I believe that bdsm is a form of physical and emotional release, and can be categorized as a form of sacred bodywork, and that in that capacity, I have taken the role of healer as well as tormentor.

I am a native of Los Angeles, CA, but I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY.  I am available for sessions here in NYC.

Call me (347) 788-8313

Beware false reports online that I was busted for prostitution and am working with undercover. I have never had any criminal record of any kind, I don't escort, and I am not yet 40 years old.

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