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Alpha Facial Characteristics

I ran across this when I was looking for more physical differences between males and females, and looking for more clues to explain my own androgyny. As it turns out, just as there are differences in digit ratios between those on high on testosterone scales and those high on estrogen scales, there are also differences in facial structure. Women have soft, rounder features, round cheeks, fuller lips, and arched brows. Men have more chiseled or angular features, a more prominent brow ridge, a square angled jaw (meaning the part near the ear, not the chin), and a broader bridge of the nose. The following graphic, from the site http// is very illustrative of they types sex differences (please be aware that this site contains nude female images that illustrate weight hip ratio differences.) As it turns out, I have a highly androgynous face, with a sqaure jaw, prominent brow ridge, high "eastern european" cheekbones, and more elongated eyes, along with flatter eyebrows, and a thinner upper lip. I find it very interesting that the results of the gender test, my digit ratio, and my facial characteristics seem to tell a consistent story, that I am highly androgynous. I do not describe myself as "butch" although I often feel like I am more "butch" than many butches. I have numerous feminine features, including a very feminine hips and breasts, and I have never really wanted to be a man; I love being a woman too much.  I prefer the term "alpha female" to describe myself, since it recognizes my femme predilections.

Famous "alpha" faces

Condeleeze Rice

Very Femme Faces

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Lopez
NOTE: I had previously placed Lady Gaga here, but after some time examining many photos, I finally decided that she had more of an androgynous face, although not so much as the women pictured in the top section.

It is interesting to note that studies have shown that people make subconscious decisions about other people's character based on facial characteristics.  Those with more masculine faces are subconsiously seen as more aggressive and less trustworthy, while those with feminine faces are seen as more likeable, more social, and more trustworthy.  There are people who may poo-poo my gut based opinion, but the truth of it is, that deep in the reptilian brain, beta females (and some males) recognize alphas and are subconsciously threatened, or are subconsciously gripped with sexual longing and the desire to throw themselves at the alpha woman's feet.  Unfortunately, many character judgements based upon these sorts of subconscious judgements are highly inaccurate.

Lady G's face

Feminine Beauty info retrieved on March 8, 2012

Masculine Features Seen as Threatening info retrieved on March 8, 2012

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