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Daily to do list

I have found that I am more productive if I make daily to do lists for myself, so here goes.

  • 1.) Wake up, have tea
  • 2.) Check emails, voicemails, and respond
  • 3.) Set appointments
  • 4.) Fantasize about the subversion, destruction, and untimely deaths of my enemies
  • 5.) Session appointments
  • 6.) Clean and organize equipment
  • 7.) Take steps to subvert, destroy, and humiliate my enemies
  • 8.) Personal phone calls, finish taxes, call my lawyer to put some fire under his ass
  • 9.) Edit website, promote site, embed java script
  • 10.)Dinner and news
  • 11.)Dream about the pain, suffering, and total annihilation of my enemies.

Sounds like a pretty productive day!