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German Castration Legislation

According to BBC news, the council of Europe has urged Germany to end the practice of allowing voluntary surgical castration for sex offenders.  Human rights activists call the practice inhumane and unnecessarily degrading, and others worry that it might spark a body mod trend like that of prison tattoos and baggy pants among gang bangers in South Los Angeles.  In an independently conducted poll, it was found that German citizens agreed that a castration body mod craze would be a very, very bad thing for German birth rates. They point out that aside from impaired sex drive, other undesirable side effects might include development of countertenor vocal characteristics, in music circles, known as male falsetto, but on the street, known as “queeny fag voice.”
German conservatives cite biblical passages such as  Matthew 5:30, which states:
And if thine right hand causeth thee to stumble, cut it off and casteth it away.  ‘Tis better to loose one of thine members, than for thine whole body to burn in the fires of hell.
Later translations also add:
And if thine tongue causeth thee to stray from thine low carb diet, slice it from thine mouth and casteth it away.  ‘Tis better to remain mute for a lifetime than to indulge in the seventh deadly sin of gluttony.
And if thine eyes causeth thee to watch porn at work, gouge them from thy head and sendeth them to an organ donation center.  ‘Tis better to go blind than to derive perverse pleasure from the carnal delights of Clubonline while at work.
Some informal interviews with German school girls resulted in the following concensus regarding the issue: “Chop it off!”  

Although it is true that those who opt for voluntary castration typically have a very low recidivism rate, liberal Germans argue that that it is highly unlikely that optional castration can ever be “truly free and informed.(BBC, Feb 2012)”

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