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Lady G's favorite thing of the month: the look on people's faces when they find out they're not that great.

Here they are, the mouth watering, delightful expressions of bimbos, trolls, goofballs, and dumbfucks who find out that they're not that great after all.

This bimbo finally figured out that she's marginally functional

Here's a goofball who thought that she was smart because she went to college
(for a short time)

Finally, just an all around dumbfuck loser

*sigh* The world is full of them.


Inapropos Modesty

I've always known that I was highly intelligent, although it was only recently (the past six years or so) that I came to a full understanding of exactly how smart I really was.  Life is challenging as a gifted child.  You learn very quickly that teachers become frustrated with students who are too quick to answer every time; after all, you don't want to make the dumb kids feel bad about themselves.  Then of course, there is the innate sense of insecurity of most children, who express their feelings of inferiority as aggression, a Freudian defense mechanism that keeps them from feeling pain surrounding their sense of ineptitude.  I learned to keep quiet most of the time, when I was sent to the next grade level for reading every day to work independently.  Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have some very intelligent friends, and since then, have always managed to connect with an increasingly rare breed: highly intelligent, sensitive people.  At the tender age of 21, I found myself involved with a kinky pervert 15 years older than myself, an entertainment exec with Universal Studios and then with Warner Bros.  Interestingly enough, age was never quite an issue between us, since I was extremely mature and independent for my age.  In my 20s, I found myself involved with older people simply because most of the people my age were so shallow, immature, and dependent upon others that it became a chore to be around them.  As a matter of fact, I am more content to be alone than to endure 20 minutes of mindless conversation surrounding mundane topics with an idiot.  I later went on to date a financial sales rep, an insensitive playboy with lots of expensive toys and an appetite for travel, another music industry professional, and later, a film producer turned real estate investor.  As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, for reasons that they themselves generally do not analyze, but understand intuitively.  By the time I was 30, I had traveled the world, been engaged twice, finished an advanced college degree, held professional licenses in two states, and had two bright, alert, feisty babies.  It is, unfortunately, highly difficult to find people who are within the same echelon as myself both intellectually, physically, and emotionally.  I have been burdened with wisdom at a young age and cursed with a milleu of idiots incapable of abstract thinking or deep conversation.  I had always believed that modesty was a virtue, and that unabashed braggarts were classless and debased.  However, what I learned is that modesty in our modern society often goes unrecognized, since the majority of people have come to equate insincere, mostly mediocre braggarts with greatness.  These are those who believe that having "social skills" means accosting every person in the room with brash, tasteless commentary and unwelcome plugs for their new business.  Yes, I have been guilty of false, insincere modesty and was upholding the practice of a social nicety which is a relic of former times.  Endowed with a wide variety of talents and skills which just seem to come naturally, I have discovered that, for most individuals, greatness cannot be coached, networked, or implanted via mommy and daddy's money spent on an ivy league education.  It simply emanates from within.

It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am. - Muhammad Ali

Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose the former and have seen no reason to change. -Frank Lloyd Wright

Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it. -Oliver Herford

Great men are rare, poets are rarer, but the great man who is a poet, transfiguring his greatness, is the rarest of all events.-John Drinkwater

If you only believe that you're an artist when you have a big advance in your pocket and a single coming out, I would say that's quite soulless. You have to have a sense of your own greatness and your own ability from a very deep place inside you. I am the one with the litmus test in my hands of what people need to hear next. - Lady Gaga

To vilify a great man is the readiest way in which a little man can himself attain greatness. -Edgar Allan Poe

Read more:


Role playing

Humanity is one of the few species on earth which desires to play pretend. We are not content simply to eat, fornicate, and avoid predators. We need that psychological rush of play, and relish giving in to our sense of whimsy. Even aside from acting and *ahem* kinky role playing, we play many roles in our day to day life. Parents play it one way at home, another way at work, and still another way when with friends. We usually don't go up to our boss and slap them on the ass and say "hey, how 'bout them Giants?," or volunteer information about our steamy romantic hook up the night before. Our modern society is saturated with fantasy images, from photo-shopped underwear ads, to commercials filmed with fake food, to TV sitcoms with actors who play the street tough guy, or doctor, or lawyer, and who subsequently become identified to the public with the roles that they play. In a sense, these actors are conforming, not to the reality of what a doctor, lawyer, or street tough guy actually is, but to what the audience's (and director/producer's) expectations of what they should be. For many people, who spend almost as much time watching tv as they do spending time with friends (sad, but true) these images often become the reality. There is now a sort of backwards influence, in the sense that initially, reality inspired film. Now, film inspires reality. Everyday people are now burdened with the chore of living up to the inattainable fantasy of airbrushed skin and perfect teeth, and conform to expectations of what an X should be, according to the models presented by the latest movie or spread in Maxim. Over time, Actors become so identified with their roles, that people on the streets call out to them by their character's names (the Nurse Betty effect.) It becomes tempting for actors to fall into the trap of "becoming the mask," and actually take on aspects of their character's personality either because it is expected, or because people prefer the fantasy of their character to the reality of who the actor really is.  The phenomenon of societal projections of expectation onto others even spawned a TV series called To Tell the Truth, in which a real person was flanked by two actors pretending to be them, and contestants had to guess who the real guest was.

As a former adult film star, and someone who role played for a living for a long time as a dominatrix, I am very familiar with these effects. While I always felt that each role that I played was a facet of myself, and drew from real emotion for authenticity, the reality is that these roles were merely fragmentary and highly fetishized. I channelled my inner Marylin, my inner Cruella Deville, my innter Queen bitch and my inner cheap floozy to the point where people who knew me casually bought into the lie, and treated me accordingly. This became a game of manipulation, so that I discovered with smugness how much my Marylin, freshly done with professional make-up, could get away with, and how much my Cruella struck fear, loathing, and yet sexual ecstacy into the hearts of my willing victims. I marvelled upon the dramatic differences in the ways in which I was treated depending upon my costume and my role. I was a bimbo, a heroin addict, a plain Jane, a goth goddess, and a teenage nymphomaniac for fun (and don't forget money!) but who was I really, once the cameras were off, the lights were put away and the dungeon carpets were being vacuumed? Did I play the charade with people who knew me casually for personal gain? Did it get to the point where I had Marvel superhero syndrome, in which I really was two distinct personalities in one person? And does it have to go the way of the Stanford Prison Experiments to know that obsession with a fantasy figure has gone too far? The burgeoning film industry of the last century brought with it a new age phenomenon -- the cult of the personality. The dawn of the 21st century birthed a climate into which every Tom Dick and Harry (or in the case of xxx cinema, Hairy Tom's Dick) has their 15 minutes, and some people are famous inadvertently, without wanting to be (a horrible fate to wish upon anyone.) What implications does this cult phenomenon have for what it means to be a person, a unique individual, in this harshly lit, unscripted world?

I'm not a doctor, but I play one on tv...


The gig is up, pig

Eh Basta, Capacole!

Disclaimer: Please do not construe this as a statement on vegetarianism; I just liked the photo. Now that that's done, let's eat meat!!!!

No Child Left Behind: Athletics

After the astounding success of no child left behind over the last decade, I propose that we should extend the policy to athletics. We should not make expect that run of the mill disorders like chronic back pain, juvenille arthritis, recurrent bursitis, or asthma should prevent children from achieving very moderate levels of athletic achievement, such as completing a four minute mile, doing ten pull ups in under a minute, and completing 100 sit ups.  Children will rise to the occasion if we simply let them know, gently and compassionately, that we expect more of them.     Of course, critics are concerned that this may mean that teachers in some areas which have unusually high rates of cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy to be penalized.  It is unreasonable, they say, to expect someone who can barely walk anyway to over exert themselves, making them frustrated in the process.   They claim that we are just teaching the children to "fake it" for PE testing, which is highly subjective and biased towards those who have superhero type genetic mutations.  In addition, they say, it is obvious that much of the fault of children's inability to perform has to do with unstylish athletic attire.  To the critics, I say this: We cannot allow our perception of what those who are differently abled are capable of to influence our expectations and prevent us from attaining our number one goal: Physical Fitness for Everyone.


Types of fuckholes and how to treat them: a guide for Dommes

I have devised a system for dommes to determine exactly the type of fuckhole and pathetic loser who wants to serve You. These types are so common, that after a short time, you will be able to pick them out on the street.  I have categorized losers into eight common types:

pigs, hogs, swine - These types are slovenly, double or triple times their expected body weight, and snort very loudly as their preferred means of communication.  Feed them a little garbage and throw them in a mud puddle, before locking their porcine necks into a stockade, so that passerby can throw rocks at them, and where they can long for contact with you.  Their horrible manners make them unsuitable for handling.

donkeys and jackasses-  Stubborn, stupid, and easily subjugated, these are beasts of burden.  Use them for labor, have them clean your floors, carry your stuff for you when you move, and beat them if they are non-compliant.  They make a loud ruckus, but will quickly become compliant with a few swift swats with the riding crops. or a few slashes with the buggy whip.

jackals -  The lowest type of scavenger, who appears to have sharp teeth but is usually incapable of hunting with them.  Do not be fooled by their swagger and bravado, it is merely a cover for their ineptitude.  Place a large gag in their mouth so you don't have to listen to their cackling, and chain them to the wall until they cackle (excuse me, beg) for mercy.  Then you can unchain them and kick them out naked into the street where they can continue to scavenge for carrion meat wherever they can get it.

parrots, minah birds, twitterers-  These are almost exclusively submissive.  They don't think for themselves, but need brainwashing in order to learn the proper way of conducting themselves.  They are hard wired to believe what others tell them, and will end up repeating what they hear over and over and over, for nothing but a few sunflower seeds.  Leave them in a cage without food, and if the cacophony of bird sounds becomes overwhelming, move them to the dark until they are subdued, or hood them.  Sometimes, a little electroshock therapy might be in order if they become hysterical.

snakes and vipers-  Disgusting creatures who usually want to slither at your feet and taste you with their tongues.  They have almost no backbones and communicate mainly by hissing when their self-loathing becomes overwhelming for them.  They need your feet and legs, and have tiny ice cubes for hearts.  If they try to bite, crush them right below their heads with your foot, making them gasp for air. Trample them, crush them, and kick them into a small dark corner when their time is up. 

slobbering dogs - Disgusting animals who are not really into S/m but who make all sorts of ass-umptions about what type of person you are, and are craving services which you will not provide for them. Tie up their genitals so that they yelp with pain and spit in their face.  Put them on a leash and make them crawl on the floor so that you will not have to see them slobber all over themselves.

ostriches-  Large, stupid animals with big muscles.  They have a one track mind and can really only master one or two things in their lifetime.  They appear large and intimidating, but their cranium is smaller than a walnut, and they are highly predicatable and are easily frightened.  When confronted with something that makes them unhappy or confused, they bury their heads in the sand in order to avoid dealing with the issues at hand.  In spite of their large muscles, they don't like corporal punishment, even as much as you'd like to beat them into a pulp.   They like serious taunting and sexual denial.  Put them in a chastity device and throw away the key, so that they can go home to their wife and endure beatings and verbal abuse.  (Tell them to tape record it so that you can get off to it later.)

rabbits - Highly timid, easily frightened, and skittish.  They have a specific desire that they are coming to you for, but have no voice to express it with.  You will be stuck playing charades and invoking your powers of ESP in order to figure out what they are into.  Finally, you will be satisfied with cracking your whip a few times and watching them piss themselves.  Pace around and call them a few names, and afterwards pet their heads condescendingly.  They will be yours forever (unfortunately).


Interview with SQ

SQ:  First off, I would like to thank you for doing this interview with us today.  Facts about your life, even at such a young age, has already been relegated to the realm of mythology.

Lady G: Yes, there certainly are a lot of *ahem* myths surrounding my life.

SQ: What got you into S/M?

Lady G: Having been a frequenter of goth clubs back in Hollywood as a teen, I was exposed to it as an idea before I really got into it as a practice.  In that sense it might be a bit cultural. I began dating an ex hard rocker who was a lifestylist, and that was my true initiation into the scene.  I was also fascinated with the dark underworld of pornography in the San Fernando Valley.  And of course, the money helped to put me through school. 

SQ:   Tell me a little bit about your homelife.  Were there any aspects of your childhood that you think may have influenced your predilection to perversion?

Lady G:  My mother was an ex-shoe model with a master's degree in art history.  She had three trunks full of designer shoes, all of them with heels.  My mother was the manic-depressive creative type, and she chanelled her creative impulse into decorating our fairly modest, 5,000 square foot custom home (with a north south tennis court and pool) with indoor working fountains, gilded picture frames (sometimes containing nothing) and overstuffed couches with elaborately decorated pillows that my father was not allowed to sit on.  My parents built two custom homes in ten years, and I witnessed both of them being built while we lived in a pre-fab home on site.  I guess technically this would qualify me as "trailer trash."  My mother was in charge supervising most of the construction, plumbing, electrical workers who worked on the project, and most of them were intimidated by my mother.  My father, an environmental engineer who did contract work for the city of Los Angeles, and whose multi-six figure income put him in the top 1% of earners, was highly intelligent but very passive, so I grew up with the notion of female dominance.  I come from a family of very strong women. 

SQ: Were your parents strict?

Lady G:  My parents could sometimes be physically and emotionally abuse (especially my mother) however, I would not specifically describe them as "strict," although my mom was obsessed with religion.  I never had anyone hanging over my head telling me to take honors classes or go to law school.  I just seem to be self driven.  I worked nights while completing my undergrad degree doing phone sex.  It was a total head trip, and I loved it!  I then began working at a sexy video chat service and made upwards of 80.00 per hour, so it wasn't such a big jump to start doing photo and video shoots while I completed my post-graduate education.  It was in college that I ended up having some of my first sexual experiences, including with my first girlfriend, a bisexual stripper who I met online, and who took me to Pleasure Chest in Hollywood to look at all the kinky stuff.  My senior year in college, I rented a room from a woman who was a famous porn star, who ended up telling me a lot about working in the sex industry.  By the time I was in grad school, I was paying all of my expenses, including my apartment, my car, and my cell phone, and I still managed to find a little extra to travel occasionally and do fun stuff, like go to sex clubs. 

SQ: That's quite a surprising turn of events for a girl who once attended an all girl Catholic school.

Lady G:  Yes.  I guess I started experimenting late, but I dove into it head-on.  I always felt that it was my way of being sexually liberated.  I liked to think of myself at that time as something of a freethinker, because I was open to different ideas, even if I ended up passing judgment on them in the end.  Now I'm realizing that parts of me are very old school.  I think that's where the S/m comes in.  The structure, the discipline, the squealing and screaming, the feel of warm flesh being squeezed in my palm...

SQ:  What brought you to NYC?

Lady G:  The father of my kids had a real estate investment opportunity here, and we thought it would be better for the children to be able to be close to grandparents, so we relocated to Park Slope.  I really like New York City, but it's such a shame about the people.  They're the rudest fucking cocksuckers on the planet.  There have been these psych studies with rats.  They found out that when they put too many rats together in a tank that they end up killing and eating each other.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the way New Yorkers are.  Anyway, I've found that the BDSM scene in NYC is kind of tame and subdued, believe it or not, compared to the scene in LA or San Fransisco, but I've been spending a lot of time being a mom to my toddlers, and having a different kind of playdate.

SQ:  A lot of people think that because of your discussion on Eugenics, Nigerian Sex Slavery, and the IQ debate that you are a Nazi.  Is this true?

Lady G:  Wow, this is news to me.  I guess I'm going to have to euthanize my kids, who are half Jewish, fire my Caribbean nanny, and shoot all of my Hispanic friends.

SQ:  Yes, but you make fun of stupid people.

Lady G:  *Sigh*  It's the scourge of being a sage at a young age.  Yes, I hate stupid people.  I believe they are useless lumps of flesh occupying valuable space on the planet, who are responsible for the majority of the social ills in this country, including no child left behind, and HOT! signs on coffee cups, and  and that they should all be ANNIHILATED.  Muah hahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahahaMuah hahahhahahaha.  Nnnggggck hahahahaha hehehehehahahaha Muah-HA HA HA HA.  MUAH-HA HAHAHAHA.


Lady G:  Muah hahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahahaMuah hahahhahahaha

SQ:  FUCK YOU.  IT'S ALL THOSE MORONS WHO ARE SUPPORTING YOU.  Everyone knows that intelligence has nothing to do with IQ.  You've got a high IQ, and look what you're doing with your life!

Lady G:  You mean other than earning two college degrees, becoming a licensed medical professional, and perpetuating my own superiority by building a genetic dynasty?  No problem, babe.  I'm laughing all the way to the bank.


Tough Love

Over time, and especially in the 20th century, the use harsh corporal punitive measures has declined in favor of more "enlightened" methods, like positive reinforcement, praise, and reward.  Beginning in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, laws began to be passed to limit corporal punishment in schools, and it quickly became culturally accepted that hitting was less preferable to other methods of correction that appealed to the emotions and reason to call for changes in behavior.  While I'm all for progress, I also believe in taking a balanced approach.

Public advocate softies have been decrying spanking for years as abuse saying that spanking causes lowered IQ in children, creates a propensity for criminal behavior later in life, and causes low self esteem. I appear to be the sole anomaly, since I was not only spanked, but belted, and (without resorting to using the G word) I have a high IQ, and achieved high levels of academic success, paying my way through post graduate education while working nights at a dungeon, and becoming financially independent by the age of twenty-one.  I've got a different take on spanking. I think that kids with difficult (excuse me, "challenging") personalities drive parents to near insanity, and that normal parents who might have resorted to spanking early on, end up abusing their kids in other ways out of frustration when "enlightened" methods fail to yield results.

There has been a long held misconception that children who have not experienced violence will not become violent, which ignores that fact that violence is inherent to human nature.  It is well known that correlative studies do not prove causation; they merely find associations between different variables. It just so happens, though, that the real life consequences of bans on spanking can be seen in Sweden, where youth violence has skyrocketed to more than 200% since the moratorium on spanking in the late 70s. The rough guide for Sweden now lists Swedish children on its top ten worst things about Sweden list.  In 2005, when a 50 year old man lost it and shot a 13 year old boy, who, with two others, had harrassed them, threatened to kill his son, run them off the road with their mopeds, ripped off their car door, destroyed their mailbox, and tried to publicly humiliate them, according to a document reviewing spanking by Jason Fuller .  In his paper, he noted that had this happened in the US, the response would have been, "How can we prevent this from happening again," while in Sweden, the frustration with the country's youth was so wide spread that public response was largely, "Shoot another one."

Operant Conditioning Basics (for dummies):

  • Positive Reinforcement:  Rat pushes lever A.  Rat receives a food pellet as an appetetive stimulus (a reward.)
  •  Positive Punishment (as opposed to negative punishment, which is the removal of an appetetive stimulus):  Rat pushes lever B.  Rat receives electric shock.

If the rat is put on a consistent schedule of reinforcement and punishment, that is, if the rat receives food every time it presses lever A and shock every time it presses lever B, it learns very quickly that pushing A produces a pleasurable outcome, and that pushing B results in discomfort.  Instances of presses of lever A will rapidly increase until satiety is reached, while instances of pushing B will quickly cease.  Now imagine that the rat begins receiving nothing for pressing lever A.   Gradually, over time, instances of pressing lever A will decrease, a phenomenon known to behaviorists as "extinction."  The effects of positive punishment are observed more immediatly, while the effects of extinction are observed over a much longer time.

A little note on schedules of reinforcement-  It is known that while fixed interval reinforcement schedules produce consistent increases in target behaviors, that random schedules of reinforcement (rewards given out randomly, like a slot machine) produce very powerful reinforcement of target behaviors that are very hard to extinguish. There haven't been any studies on random schedules of punishment, but my hunch is that consistent punishment, administered immediately after the target behavior, will result in the extinction of the target behavior more quickly than random schedules.

In the social sciences, it is often difficult to ascertain the effects of behavior deemed to be a social ill through controlled experiments, since such experiments would be unethical, so we resort to using correlational studies and statistical meta-analysis.  One such study conducted by Diana Baumrind found that " analysis of data from a long-term study of more than 100 families, indicating that mild to moderate spanking had no detrimental effects when such confounding influences [such as parent-child dynamic, and abuse other than spanking]were separated out" (Goode, 2001).  Another case review study of 38 children by Dr. Robert Larzelere of the University of Nebraska Medical center found that "in children under 7, nonabusive spanking produced no harmful effects and reduced misbehavior when used as a backup for milder discipline techniques like reasoning or timeouts" (Goode, 2001).  In fact, many child abuse specialists concede in an article in Slate Magazine that spanking can be appropriate on occasion , and in fact, some studies have linked spanking to academic success (Martin, 2010).

It always bemuses me when I hear parents trying to reason with a screaming three year old.  The fact of the matter is, that while reasoning may work a large proportion of the time, for certain kids, spanking is the only thing that really works.  It is my sincere belief that moderate spanking can be a useful tool to help curtail negative behaviors in children, and in the cases of teens and adults, such as the malicious socio-pathic Swedes mentioned earlier, a bit of corporal punishment might be just the cure-all the doctor ordered.  When considering the negative effects of spanking, it is also important to consider the probable consequences of NOT spanking.  So, if you love your kid, go ahead, give that little hellion a few smacks on the ass to keep 'em in line.  They'll love you for it later.

wine country mom's blog


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Happy Valentines, you cunt.

To my former muse. Your adoration for me is impossible to disguise. You're a bitch and a fucking dyke. Fuck you, you cunt.

Smite (smit) v.t. [A.S. smittan] 1. to strike or hit hard. to be struck breathless by the warm presence of radiant goddess energy. 2 to defeat. to be disarmed not by artillery, weapons, or force, but by a single penetrating glance from the deep well of expressive blue eyes. 3. to be smitten by an affliction, such as involuntary trembling, fluttering sensations, and smiles emanating from deep within the solarplex upon the thought or presence of another. 4. To crush on - literally and figuratively.

Crush (krush) v.t. [OFr. crusir] 1. to extract by squeezing. example: the bartender used her expertise to gently pull the rosy, velveteen skin from a peach, palming it in her hand so as to cause a stream of sweet, sticky nectar to spill into the champagne flute. 2.[colloq] an infatuation.