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New Ban on Female Athletes With Naturally High Androgen Levels

The International Olympic Commission, and the International Association of Athletics Federation have established new guidelines that women with "naturally occuring" high androgen levels, such as South Africa's Castor Semenya, will be banned from competing as women in Sporting Events, according to an article in Nature.  After all, this natural, inborn, God given ability would put them at an unfair advantage to the 'average' woman who would like to compete as a superstar, elite athlete.  Society isn't interested in the exceptional, rare individual with inborn talents; what they really want to see is hot bitches with chemically treated hair and big fake tits competing in athletic events.  (That's what I want to see, after all, because it feeds into my girl-on-girl misogynistic impulses.)  I think it's about time that society stood up for the average, and in fact, the under average achievers, who represent the vast majority of our population.

Additionally, I believe that geniuses and exceptionally smart kids should be barred from colleges as well, because they have an unfair advantage over other, slightly less gifted children.  Those gifted kids need to be kept in their place, or they'll become arrogant and self righteous after years of putting up with crap from the mediocres.  I'm ready to go out on a limb here, and say that we've now had a black president, a female secretary of state, and gay congressmen, but we have not yet had a retarded president.  We will not truly be a democracy until ALL sectors of our population are given their rightful due, and be allowed to represent a demographic that does, after all, comprise approximately 1/3 of the adult population.**  Elitism has run rampant in our society, from the best of the best in sports, to academics, to politics.  We need to represent the underachievers.  As a matter of fact, since the average person has a BMI exceeding 27, we should ammend the regulations to exclude any person with a BMI less than 25, since they would have an unfair advantage over others.  Some may say that this might qualify as a sort of reverse discrimination against the athletically talented or intellectually gifted, but in any case, they should be forced to compete in a separate category for abnormals, since by definition, they are in the top echelons based on their performance and scientifically qualify as freaks.

So, if you believe strongly in progressive ideals, democracy, and representation of the populace, write to your congressperson today and let them know that you want to see more retards represented in the federal government, and more gimpy, average, fat-asses represented in college and professional sports, so that more people can feel good about themselves.  Power to the People!

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**Persons with an IQ of less than 70 qualify for Social Security Disability.  It is interesting to note however, that studies done in the US Military classifies recruits with IQs less than 92 (category IV) as especially difficult to train and a danger to themselves and others.
The US military has spent large sums of money on psychometric research for decades and has found that IQ correlates heavily with ability to carry out military duties and not get oneself and fellow soldiers killed. So the US military is very keen on keeping out the dummies. The military correctly sees that maintaining military standards is a matter of life and death. (Parapundit)

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sadistic master said...

Wow that was great. Sacasim at its best. You are right up there with Adam carola.

Lady G said...

Why thank you! That's a compliment ;-) I used to listen to him with Dr. Drew on Loveline.