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The new solution for American politics

There is, unfortunately, the eternal dilemma in politics.  A politician must be a dynamic individual, innately charismatic and able to move the masses, and the ultimate spin doctors.  Unfortunately, said individuals come with pesky predispositions, such as hyper-sexuality, high needs for affection and attention, and tendencies toward dishonesty.  The American public does not want to be reminded of base human desires, such as eating, elimination, and acts towards pleasure and pro-creation.  What we need is a politician possessed of all the requisite poise, charisma, and intelligence, without any of the accompanied propensities towards sexual perversities (in this case, defined as extra-marital sex, any sex except vaginal sex, and exchange of explicit emails or texts.)    We need to cull and hone our politicians into robots of civil servitude so dedicated that they will not expend their precious energy on anything except civil service, and in this way we can spare ourselves the shock of confronting the realities of the human dynamic and existence.  For this, I have come up with the compassionate solution:  chemical castration.

I propose mandatory castration for males, and suturing of the labia minoris for females, in order to curtail opportunities for scandal.  In fact, I propose extending this policy to anyone employed in civil service all together. Can you imagine the savings in legal costs alone?  In addition to the cost savings, we can be assured of the service of these loyal automatons to the state for decades to come.  Let's mobilize support for this measure on the next ballot referendum.  Peace!

"Sex" is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.
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