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On being borderline superhuman

See, it's not really, that I actually have superpowers, super strength, super intelligence, super psychic abilities, or super immunity.  It's simply that I'm statistically in an entirely different echelon than most people, making it SEEM that way.

Compared to most people, who feed their face with twinkies, pizza, canolies, and high end macarons from boutique bakeries every day, I'm in good shape.  I make a conscientious effort to put antioxidants and vitamins into my body.  I'm cognizant of how serious illnesses are spread and know that it's not important how often you wash your hands, but when you wash them.   I work out three times a week and have taken myself to psychotherapy, and happen to be a fountain of information on diverse and varied interests, making it SEEM like I know about everything.

But yes, after all, it's all relative when analyzed with quantitative analysis and statistics.

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