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My favorite villains

 This is a cross posting of one of my commentaries from a kinky discussion forum.

The wicked witch of the west from Wizard of Oz is one of the most iconic of all witches.  She's cold, heartless, and strikes terror into the hearts of any adversary with only one cackle. She just embodies the epitome of everthing everyone loves to hate about witches! A close second would be Ursula from The Little Mermaid. She's quite charming, really, if you don't know the true reality of what she's up to...much like many real life villains (Bernie Madoff, for instance.)  And one of my recents... in the newest Batman, Heath Ledger was absolutely incredible as the Joker. What I really appreciate about his representation of the character was the neuroticism and the vulnerabilities tied to him... much more human, and in a sense, far more terrifying than the aloof, inaccessible jokers in past films.  And I couldn't forget about Frankenstein! Mary Shelley's novel, had it been written in modern times, could be construed as an allegorical tale for the type of modern experimentation that is happening today, especially with regards to cloning and genetic engineering. Man is obsessed with creating life. Man finally achieves mission, only to realize he could never imagine the consequences for said action. Man wishes to destroy what he worked so hard to create. Man spends lifetime trying to undo. I find the dialog between the monster and doctor at the end extremely interesting... In a sense, the villain is really the doctor... the monster simply the tragic, accidental participant.  In a separate class altogether would be Scarlett O'Hara, more of an anti-heroine than a true villainess (although I'm sure that would depend upon perspective.) Scarlett embodies the passions, shortcomings, and internal struggles of so many women... her flaws are just out there... she doesn't try to hide them.  What makes a true villain is a person who you LOVE to HATE, despise and yet fear at a deep gut level. They embody the shadow of ourselves... the part that we don't want to acknowledge, the part that we most want to hide or eradicate. Aspects of human nature are so often polarized in fiction and legend; characters are either extremely good, or extremely evil, whereas in reality, good people often do very bad things. 

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