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I became curious about this text analysis tool after reading something about it casually in New York Magazine.  I wondered if the purported masculinization of my brain associated with the longer ring finger would also translate into a more "male' way of speaking, and apparently, if this program is a valid measurement of gender, then I do appear to have more "male" patterns of speech. 

My results for the gender hacker, based on four blog entries: Classes at Sexy Spirits, Shopping in Soho, Anatomy of Hate, and Thrusting Myself Into My Work.  Here are the results:

Genre: Informal
  Female = 1227
  Male   = 2949
  Difference = 1722; 70.61%
  Verdict: MALE

Genre: Formal
  Female = 1742
  Male   = 1766
  Difference = 24; 50.34%
  Verdict: Weak MALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.

The gender hacker program thinks that I am a male, albeit a weak one, and most likely European.  This, again, has not come as a surprise to me.  I think it's rather interesting how these little pieces come together to really reveal my inner nature to myself.  I have never felt like a man, or wanted to be a man, however, I've always known that my brain is just a little bit more "male."  I love being a girl.  I love high heels, I like getting manicures, and I like being pampered and cooed over sometimes.  Sometimes it's hard to reconcile those two parts of my nature, not because I have a problem with who I am, but because other people expect me to act in certain ways which are not in my nature.  They are unsettled because they don't know how to respond and react to me when I act in ways that are not gender appropriate, or say things that women are not supposed to say.  I have not learned anything new from these results, but I have merely found outside validation for what I have always known, deep deep down.

Here are the results for the Gender Genie analyzer, based on the same four blog entries.  I did not include the poetry or the entry with charts, since that is not really representative of my "voice."

Words: 1488

Female Score: 1763
Male Score: 1796
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

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