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Classes at SexySpirits, New York City

I am pleased and delighted to announce that I co-hosted a class with Anton Diaz at Sexy Spirits on Monday, October 10th.  The class was an introduction to BDSM basics for those with kinky predilections, and was inspired by an exercise in altered state sexuality that was taught to me by Dr. Michael Perry of Access Instructional Media. There was a nice size group and they were amazingly candid about their desires and previous experiences.  Together with Anton, and the help of a curious volunteer, we performed two negotiations and mini scenes for the group.  For many in the group, this was their first experience with negotiation, the idea of safe words, and the concept of BDSM as a practice of mutually consenting erotic powerplay.  The demo was inspiring for some, and unsettling for at least one person, who felt uncomfortable with even consenting acts of violence, and left.  Afterwards I had some amazing feedback from some of the participants, who shared some of their own personal experiences and issues, including how to get into a "switch" headspace, the complexities of practicing BDSM within the context of a loving relationship, and the excitement of discovering that it can be sensual, erotic, and provocative.

There will be ongoing workshops at sexy spirits focusing on the topic of "forbidden pleasures" including BDSM and taboos at  Sexy Spirits in midtown Manhattan this month.

Dr. Michael Perry's website can be found here:

Keep watching for updates on future classes.

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