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Bring back the paddle to public schools!

These kids today don't abide by rules!
Bring back the paddle to public schools!
They keep dressin' like hos
The boys thumbin' their nose
I say bring back the paddle to schools!

They've got no respect for authority
No bother for values like dignity
They do love to shmooze
But they ain't got no clues
'Bout life's unsav'ry reality

These delinquent kids have to pay
'Sides the paddle, there's no other way
They think school is a joke
They cut class for a smoke
We Should bring back the paddle, I say!

But we can't blame the kids all the way
For the parents who couldn't say NAY
They're spoiled rotten brats!
Degenerate cats-
Punish those punks, don't delay!

Hey, if it works for the Malays, it can work here too!  Here's a list of offenses punishable by caning in Singapore 

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