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I couldn't resist my curiosity and I ordered the book "Digit Ratio" by John T. Manning from Amazon.  It was a little bit dry, and luckily, I had to take that class in statistics and research methods back in college or it might have been just a little inaccessible to me.  I have learned quite a few useful tidbits of information, including the fact that low 2D:4D ratios seem to be associated with large penises.  Thank heavens, I finally found a way to get that out of the way on the first date!  I have a finger ratio of .94, which means (you guessed it) I'm extraordinarily well hung! According to the book, I'm also predisposed to have musical talent, analytical ability, and athletic ability.  If you have the long finger, you are "butch"or "alpha", even if you are the femmy-er version of butch/alpha, like Madonna.   Another interesting fact is that extremely low 2D:4D ratios are related to homosexuality in women.   For men, as it turns out, lower than average ratios tend to be the more "butch" gay boys (counter-intuitive, right?), while high ratios tend to be the queeny-er ones.   I have taken it upon myself, since I have read one book and am now an expert in digit ratio, to create a personality chart based on finger type.

Personality as based on finger type

Longer Ring finger  <.92 Equal lengths  .92-1.01 Longer Index  >1.01
analytical mixed emotional
aggressive fearful loving
enneagram 8,9,1 enneagram 5,6,7 enneagram 2,3,4
thinking mixed feeling
dominant switch submissive
butch androgynous femme/bitch boy
Career Advice: You like to be in charge and don't play well with others. If you're not in charge work independently. Career Advice: You like things to be cut and dry. Let someone else tell you what to do; it's not your forte anyhow. Career Advice: Get back in the kitchen bitch! (that includes you male bitches)

Who to emulate if you have a Low 2D (longer ring finger)

Barak Obama
click here for photo credit
Claim to faim: president of the United States, career politician.

Hillary Clinton
click here for photo credit
Claim to faim: Secretary of State of the United States, career politician, formerly married to President Bill Cinton, Graduated from Law School.
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Claim to faim: World Renown entertainer, fashion trendsetter, jetsetter, and actress
kate middleton
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Claim to faim: Formerly a runway model, and currently married to a Prince

Claim to faim: World Famous Comedian, Host of the Academy Awards, Public spokesperson
Possibly Ellen Degeneres  (the angle of the photo makes it difficult to tell for sure)
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Who you should emulate if you have high High 2D (longer index finger)

Lindsay Lohan
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Claim to faim: Actress, Fashion Blooper Favorite, and Repeat guest at Los Angeles County courthouse and jail

Britney Spears
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Claim to faim: Singer, Actress, and mother famous for her psychotic break during a manic episode in which she shaved her head

Anna Nicole Smith

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Claim to faim: Playboy Playmate, Model, Spokesperson for Slimfast, and star of The Anna Nicole Reality Show

Joyce McKinney
click here for photo credit
Claim to faim: Beauty Pageant Queen and subject of the documentary film "Tabloid." Made headlines recently when she had her dog cloned six times.
This has been a very elucidating forray into finger ratio as it relates to psychology, personality dynamics, and behavior.  I'm officially done with this topic (except when I need a dig here or there) and my next book review will be on Dr. Helen Fisher's "Why We Love, The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love."

Addendum: Lady Casanova and babies. Proof Positive that brilliance is inherited through the mother.

Even Barbie has a Cassanova Finger

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