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Democratic Parenting

I decided that I was willing to try a new approach, bending my usual authoritative ways and try "enlightened parenting." After all, children are just small versions of adults, with their own ideas and tastes, so I decided that we would decide things based on votes--majority rule.  For breakfast, I decided I wanted to feed my kids oatmeal, but the children outvoted me, two to one, to have rainbow fluff corn. Begrudgingly, I relented, remembering that I had decided to abide by democratic principles, and although I secretly grumbled about the insulin spike they were subjecting their bodies to so early in the morning, I decided to let it go and get them dressed. Given that it was raining, I decided to dress my daughter in a long sleeved cotton dress with leggings and rainboots, but the children outvoted me, two to one, to wear swimming trunks and sandals, and their favorite pj tops.  I packed them lunches of apples, salted nuts, and cheese sanwiches, but once again, it was a shut out when the children voted for pancakes with syrup, snickers bars, and fruit jellies.

When I picked them up from school, I decided that most likely, the children should have gotten in touch with their issues of control, and perhaps felt a little more comfortable, maybe even enough to try a healthy dinner.  However, the children overruled my suggestion for lemon marinated fish and vegetable pilaf, and instead demanded potato chips, pretzels, and ice cream.  By this time I decided to boycott my obligation as household chef, given that my professional expertise, training, and authority as a parent was being constantly overridden.  The children responded by monopolizing the television, and voting to stay up late to play Little Big Planet and pass that pesky ice bunker level.  They were too tired to go to school the next day, and slept in until noon, and I had to cancel my meeting with my client.  A bit frustrating, true, but it's all for a good children will be the most empowered of any of their friends, and never have to struggle through early adulthood issues with control.  I've also discovered that I'll never have to cook another hot meal.  Bravo for enlightened parenting!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the adam sandler movie "Big Daddy"? Beware lest your children become " the smelly kids in the class"! Lol.