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A toast

Cheers! Here's to the 99%!

You unknowingly allowed the 1% to use you, manipulate you, and fuck you in the ass while you hovered over them like flies on crap, catered to their every whim, and thanked them for every puff of air that they bestowed on you. You touted your grandness by association while times were good, and developed an inflated sense of self worth, as meanwhile, the 1% continued to laugh behind your back, delighted at the ease with which they fleeced you. Because you do not vote, read the paper, or keep tabs on what's been happening in your community, you have allowed the 1% to buy up public land to build condos, shopping centers, and Walmarts, and take every word emitted from the almighty television (and representatives thereof) as words of god. You reveled in the new community, a vacuous facade of shopping malls, mass produced ready to wear clothing, and frankenfood, which has estranged you from any culture but that created by the elites for the masses. Your lust for luxury, combined with your reduced capacity for independent reasoning, has allowed you to get stuck in the fragrant, gooey cesspool that you are in. You ingratiated yourself to the 1% and bought into the lie, only to cry like babies now that the fantasy has become the reality. You may now reap your just deserts!

1 comment:

mdmuneerkhan said...

Its the same in my country... sadly.