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NIgerian Sex Slavery

The National Agency for the Prevention of Traffic in Persons recently conducted a botched attmept to evacuate 93 "victims" of human trafficking, including a few babies.  The underage women and children were reportedly used as slaves, including sexual slaves.  When does the insanity stop?

Where does an upstanding pervert go nowadays to find good, healthy, able bodies slaves and flesh to be used?  It's bad enough that there are no longer any decent live sex shows, XXX theatres, and tranny bars left in any major metroplitain areas in the country.  Now, they're trying to ruin it for sex tourists as well!  I mean let's face it, what's worse, a little nookie for pay, or a life condemned to famine, oppression, and starvation?  And who's to say that the girls felt victimized anyway?  Did anyone ask them?  If you ask me, who doesn't like to be shtuped good and hard now and again?  And of course, getting paid for it just makes it all that much sweeter.  Not only that, Nigerian women are gaining the privilege to work in brothels in such desirable countries as Ireland, and even Italy! This is a right that some others might pay thousands for, and they get to go for free!  I really feel for those affected by this sad state of affairs.  I mean, after all, not everyone has willing sex slaves throwing themselves at their feet, the way that I do. 

We need to act now, before agencies like NAPTIP ruin sexual tourism for good.  Make it known to your congress-person now, that you support underprivileged countries rights to coerce, exploit, and use people the same way that our American Corporations do, without the stigma attached with crimes against humanity.  It's simply the natural law of power dynamics, and tampering with it is simply nothing more than Marxism at it's best (or worst.)  It's all in the name of capitalism, and good old fashioned competition.

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