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Sacred Sex Roundup, NYC

I was very honored to have been a guest at the Sacred Sex Roundup, an annual event held at Reflections Yoga studio in midtown Manhattan.  The orgasmic state of breath, the enlightenment of sexual being, and the delights of conscious BDSM, are taught and experienced in the most dynamic, thought provoking, and inspiring ways, by conscious and lifestyle practitioners throughout the weekend. It was wonderful to engage and connect with the poly, tantric, health conscious, and kinky communities in this convergence of sex positive energy.

I took part in a panel with hosts Swami Umeshanand Saraswati, Devi Veenanand, Rev. Jenellen Fischer, and Lee Harrington, during which we took questions regarding different aspects of the practice of BDSM and it relates to tantra and spirituality in general. Video of the session will be available soon on the Sacred Sex website in a pay per view format, along with many other provocative and informative discussions and demonstrations. Check it out!


Potty Princess said...

I am sorry that I missed it Lady Gia especially with regard to any feedback that you may have recieved particularly fro the other panelists in attendance.

Lady G said...

Well, no problem, next time you'll know because you'll have read the blog! x