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Read it and weep!!!!

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Happy Valentines, you cunt.

To my former muse. Your adoration for me is impossible to disguise. You're a bitch and a fucking dyke. Fuck you, you cunt.

Smite (smit) v.t. [A.S. smittan] 1. to strike or hit hard. to be struck breathless by the warm presence of radiant goddess energy. 2 to defeat. to be disarmed not by artillery, weapons, or force, but by a single penetrating glance from the deep well of expressive blue eyes. 3. to be smitten by an affliction, such as involuntary trembling, fluttering sensations, and smiles emanating from deep within the solarplex upon the thought or presence of another. 4. To crush on - literally and figuratively.

Crush (krush) v.t. [OFr. crusir] 1. to extract by squeezing. example: the bartender used her expertise to gently pull the rosy, velveteen skin from a peach, palming it in her hand so as to cause a stream of sweet, sticky nectar to spill into the champagne flute. 2.[colloq] an infatuation.

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