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Interview with SQ

SQ:  First off, I would like to thank you for doing this interview with us today.  Facts about your life, even at such a young age, has already been relegated to the realm of mythology.

Lady G: Yes, there certainly are a lot of *ahem* myths surrounding my life.

SQ: What got you into S/M?

Lady G: Having been a frequenter of goth clubs back in Hollywood as a teen, I was exposed to it as an idea before I really got into it as a practice.  In that sense it might be a bit cultural. I began dating an ex hard rocker who was a lifestylist, and that was my true initiation into the scene.  I was also fascinated with the dark underworld of pornography in the San Fernando Valley.  And of course, the money helped to put me through school. 

SQ:   Tell me a little bit about your homelife.  Were there any aspects of your childhood that you think may have influenced your predilection to perversion?

Lady G:  My mother was an ex-shoe model with a master's degree in art history.  She had three trunks full of designer shoes, all of them with heels.  My mother was the manic-depressive creative type, and she chanelled her creative impulse into decorating our fairly modest, 5,000 square foot custom home (with a north south tennis court and pool) with indoor working fountains, gilded picture frames (sometimes containing nothing) and overstuffed couches with elaborately decorated pillows that my father was not allowed to sit on.  My parents built two custom homes in ten years, and I witnessed both of them being built while we lived in a pre-fab home on site.  I guess technically this would qualify me as "trailer trash."  My mother was in charge supervising most of the construction, plumbing, electrical workers who worked on the project, and most of them were intimidated by my mother.  My father, an environmental engineer who did contract work for the city of Los Angeles, and whose multi-six figure income put him in the top 1% of earners, was highly intelligent but very passive, so I grew up with the notion of female dominance.  I come from a family of very strong women. 

SQ: Were your parents strict?

Lady G:  My parents could sometimes be physically and emotionally abuse (especially my mother) however, I would not specifically describe them as "strict," although my mom was obsessed with religion.  I never had anyone hanging over my head telling me to take honors classes or go to law school.  I just seem to be self driven.  I worked nights while completing my undergrad degree doing phone sex.  It was a total head trip, and I loved it!  I then began working at a sexy video chat service and made upwards of 80.00 per hour, so it wasn't such a big jump to start doing photo and video shoots while I completed my post-graduate education.  It was in college that I ended up having some of my first sexual experiences, including with my first girlfriend, a bisexual stripper who I met online, and who took me to Pleasure Chest in Hollywood to look at all the kinky stuff.  My senior year in college, I rented a room from a woman who was a famous porn star, who ended up telling me a lot about working in the sex industry.  By the time I was in grad school, I was paying all of my expenses, including my apartment, my car, and my cell phone, and I still managed to find a little extra to travel occasionally and do fun stuff, like go to sex clubs. 

SQ: That's quite a surprising turn of events for a girl who once attended an all girl Catholic school.

Lady G:  Yes.  I guess I started experimenting late, but I dove into it head-on.  I always felt that it was my way of being sexually liberated.  I liked to think of myself at that time as something of a freethinker, because I was open to different ideas, even if I ended up passing judgment on them in the end.  Now I'm realizing that parts of me are very old school.  I think that's where the S/m comes in.  The structure, the discipline, the squealing and screaming, the feel of warm flesh being squeezed in my palm...

SQ:  What brought you to NYC?

Lady G:  The father of my kids had a real estate investment opportunity here, and we thought it would be better for the children to be able to be close to grandparents, so we relocated to Park Slope.  I really like New York City, but it's such a shame about the people.  They're the rudest fucking cocksuckers on the planet.  There have been these psych studies with rats.  They found out that when they put too many rats together in a tank that they end up killing and eating each other.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the way New Yorkers are.  Anyway, I've found that the BDSM scene in NYC is kind of tame and subdued, believe it or not, compared to the scene in LA or San Fransisco, but I've been spending a lot of time being a mom to my toddlers, and having a different kind of playdate.

SQ:  A lot of people think that because of your discussion on Eugenics, Nigerian Sex Slavery, and the IQ debate that you are a Nazi.  Is this true?

Lady G:  Wow, this is news to me.  I guess I'm going to have to euthanize my kids, who are half Jewish, fire my Caribbean nanny, and shoot all of my Hispanic friends.

SQ:  Yes, but you make fun of stupid people.

Lady G:  *Sigh*  It's the scourge of being a sage at a young age.  Yes, I hate stupid people.  I believe they are useless lumps of flesh occupying valuable space on the planet, who are responsible for the majority of the social ills in this country, including no child left behind, and HOT! signs on coffee cups, and  and that they should all be ANNIHILATED.  Muah hahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahahaMuah hahahhahahaha.  Nnnggggck hahahahaha hehehehehahahaha Muah-HA HA HA HA.  MUAH-HA HAHAHAHA.


Lady G:  Muah hahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahaha.  Muah hahahhahahahaMuah hahahhahahaha

SQ:  FUCK YOU.  IT'S ALL THOSE MORONS WHO ARE SUPPORTING YOU.  Everyone knows that intelligence has nothing to do with IQ.  You've got a high IQ, and look what you're doing with your life!

Lady G:  You mean other than earning two college degrees, becoming a licensed medical professional, and perpetuating my own superiority by building a genetic dynasty?  No problem, babe.  I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

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