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Moral DNA Test

 I heard about this test while listening to the Brian Lehr show on WNYC, and since it fits into the whole "self exploration" theme, I decided to give it a run.  Here are the results.

Who I am
You are a Philosopher RCO*
Philosophers believe that moral principle, or "virtue" is the most important ethical perspective. They ask "What would be the honest or courageous thing to do?" Then they'll consider the consequences for others. Finally and reluctantly they'll consider rules, laws and regulations. Philosophers hate being told what to do or what's right. They're mavericks and rebels, but good to have around when really difficult decisions have to be made. About 17% of adults are Philosophers.  [Ah, to be a minority, of a minority, of a minority!!!]
The letters in your MoralDNATM type show how you prefer to make difficult decisions based around three moral preferences. These are the Ethic of Obedience, the Ethic of Care and the Ethic of Reason, each represented by the letters O, C and R. The order of the letters in your type describes your first, second and third preferences in the way you use each moral preference to make good decisions.

The accuracy of your MoralDNATM ‘type’, be that Angel, Guardian or Enforcer etc., is dependent on the measurable difference in your test scores between the three ethics of Care, Obedience and Reason. Based on your answers to our questions, your scores highlight your priorities and preferences for the three ethics and places you within one dominant, or a combination of types. [Personal Note: Personal report surveys are always a little skewed, because of social conditioning and the desire to represent one's self in a way which is more "socially acceptable."  However, in my case, because I do not care what other people think, my report is definitely more accurate.]

 Good at solving difficult or complex dilemmas.
Will break rules if they believe a higher principle is at stake. May sometimes [seemingly] lack empathy for others in making [necessary] rational decisions.  

Take the test here:

Addendum:  I have noticed that my readership suffers considerably when I publish my more pensive, deliberative, introspective posts (you know, the ones without pictures and film clips) and recently, I had to change my introductory title description a bit so that more people "get" the fact that this blog is dark humor.  Unfortunately, in order to find the humor in most of these pieces, you must be well read, able to make inferences easily, and able to "read between the lines."  This has limited my reading audience to about ten percent of the adult population.  Stay tuned for more blog posts involving sex scandals and including gratuitous nude photos. 

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