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New Study Released by the Lovenstein Institute

A recent report from the Lovenstein Institute, a radical liberal think group, has released the IQ scores of various politicians.  I have included the IQs of various other famous public figures, as a reference.

Public FigureTitle(s)IQ scorePercentage of the Population 
(rough estimate)

Sarah Palin
Beauty Queen
Career Politician
89bottom 24%
Peter from "Family Guy"Average Shmuck90bottom 26%
Ronald ReaganActor
92bottom 30%
George BushCareer Politician102top 41%
Snooki from "Jersey Shore" Reality TV Star104top 43%
Ahnold "the Governator" SchwarzeneggerActor
Career Politician
105top 46%
Mitt RomneyBusinessman
115top 18%
Barak ObamaCareer Politician125top 5%
Michael BloombergBusinessman
Ron PaulPolitician128""
Pam AndersonPlayboy Playmate
129top 4%
Lady GiaTop Dominatrix
Subject public obsession
135top 3%
Bill ClintonCareer Politician148top 0.10%
Paris HiltonActress, Model,Dancer,
Party Tramp
Bill GatesProfessional Geek
Formerly the Richest Man on Earth, now in 2nd place (loser!)
163top 0.01%
Joyce McKinneyBeauty Pageant Queen
Star of the documentary "Tabloid"
Albert EinsteinFamous Scientist who kicked off a
Jew-fro rage back in the 1940s
Marilyn Vos SavantSomeone you've never heard of228top .00000001%

The spokesperson of the Lovenstein Institute, Henri Menteur, in an interview with Smear Campaign Today, a bimonthly magazine that distributes propaganda to a dedicated subscriber base of roughly 300, 000, claimed that their elite group of scientists, who were qualified based on numerous strict criteria analyzed by a special algorithm which takes into account education, accomplishments, political affiliation, and favorite cookie shape, discerned this information by using this same algorithm to analyze various famous people based on their accomplishments, samples of their writing, SAT scores, and favorite types of hair products (no--really, there's a relationship!)

The interviewer for SCT pressed Monsieur Menteur, since some of these findings posed huge contradictions to long held ideas about intelligence and success, claiming that these numbers seemed to correlate more significantly with the public figures' popularity ratings.  SCT further noted, that based on these findings, Paris Hilton, who has quite a remarkable ability to play dumb while running quite a few successful cologne and handbag businesses, might have more of what it takes to be president than Bill Clinton, who thinks with two heads instead of one.  M. Menteur quickly retracted, saying that according to his official political stance, IQ has very little bearing upon success, and that it has much more to do with family connections and privilege.  Abashedly, he admitted that a few of the scores were based on self reports.  Even so, these findings will be touted by liberals across the country as "scientific proof" of their innate superiority.

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