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The truth about lesbian dating

If you are a lesbian, then "bisexual" is a dirty word.  Unlike gay men, who just like to fuck, and anything with hot buns and a nice package might be considered for a good time (especially if one is drunk,) lesbians are an entirely different breed altogether.  If you are a man and are bi, then you can be the unattainable ultra-butch straight male fantasy figure.  If you are female and you are bi, you are the traitor, the Bernadette Arnold who, five seasons ago, stole your heart and then dumped you for a man 3 months later.  You're the promiscuous slut who just wants to sleep around, who's interest in women is most likely a transient experimental phase in between relationships with men.  The truth of it is that being a "lesbian" has become so political that it has almost become divorced from sexuality, especially since the ones who don't date bis will continue to lust after straight women and have sexless, co-dependent relationships with other "lesbians." 

So it is that after a lifetime of trying to label myself (and then trying NOT to label myself, and toying with the idea that I'm a gay man in a woman's body), and abandoning ways of being which do not acknowledge the whole of myself, I've decided to eschew any society which conspires to place an entirely different set of limitations on my self expression.  I've found it much more fulfilling to have some fun with a slightly less intellectual bisexual femme, who doesn't feel demeaned by letting me fuck her like a man, and who doesn't mind giving hand jobs to the occasional submissive boy toy.

Advice from Dr. Darcy regarding bi women

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