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It has recently come to light that thousands of people were sterilized without their consent in North Carolina from the late 20s to the mid 70s. Most of these people were deemed to be mentally retarded by scientific means (gut level reactions and hunches,) had speech impediments, or were rape victims. A state task force has ordered payments of up to 50,000 dollars to surviving victims of this eugenics campaign. What an atrocity!

If you ask me, the eugenics campaign didn't go far enough. The should have included morons in addition to imbeciles, homeless people, schizophrenics, diabetics, cystic fibrotics, autistics and those genetically predisposed to be autistic, and cerebral palsy sufferers. Let's face it, the world population just broke 7 billion a few months ago, and continues to increase with logarhythmic speed. We don't really need retards and other burdens to society at a time when our resources are taxed to the maximum, when unskilled manufacturing jobs are disappearing faster than you can shout "Dimwit!" Be realistic, what could possibly be the survival advantage to the genetics of those who cannot survive without extra-ordinary means, or who pose a danger to themselves or others? And why not sterilize criminals? Why propagate more "bad seed" that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in institutionalized care?

In addition, society will benefit from the removal of genetic liabilities like asthmatics, epileptics, Parkinson's sufferers, and those who are likely to die or be an extreme burden without medication or expensive hospice care. While we're at it, we might as well sterilize people who are too short, too tall, have excessive birthmarks or freckles (and therefore higher likelihoods of skin cancer,) unremitting toe nail fungus, those requiring expensive orthodontics, those with weeping psoriasis, bad habits like nail biting, uni-brow, and red heads *shiver.* It appears that academics and subversive intellectuals are already doing their part to control population by declining to have children, thus effectively removing themselves from the gene pool. This new eugenics campaign will not only stop population growth dead in it's tracks, it will leave us with a small population of healthy, good looking "survivors."
North Carolina Eugenics Task Force story on CNN

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